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Gingerblocks is a social storytelling platform for creators and audiences building new worlds together.
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Your imagination, powered by AI

When the power of human imagination combines with the speed and capability of Artificial Intelligence it makes for cool and interesting stories.

By creators for creators w/ brand safety in mind

We work closely with creators to customize our storytelling frameworks - ensuring a consistent brand experience, brand voice and tone for their audiences.

Content monetization that sustains both creator & audience

We’re building a sustainable approach via subscription models that helps audiences support and collaborate with the creators they love.

What private beta testers are saying:

From a World Builder and Author:

At Blizzard we saw the power of transmedia storytelling when it came to involving our millions of users and fans. With the Silicon Covenant trilogy, Gingerblocks makes it possible for my audience to write stories inside the world of Etherwalker.

Cameron Dayton
Best-selling author of Etherwalker & game director

Campaigns for Creators:

We’re excited to explore Gingerblocks as a way to engage out AforAdley audience (~6M subscribers) and let them to contribute to the awesome worlds we’re building.

Shaun McBride (Shonduras)
Creator, Founder of Spacestation

Parents love Gingerblocks:

As a mother and professional writer, it’s really important to me that my children use their imaginations. Gingerblocks is an innovative way kids can collaboratively create and write stories that expand as far as their creativity can take them. I am thrilled Gingerblocks has breathed life into this platform so that kids everywhere can create their own worlds through storytelling

Crystalee Beck
Comma Copywriters and/or The Mama Ladder, mother of four

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